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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kline's Congressional Record: June 2005

In June, 2005, Kline took the following actions on the floor of the House:

  1. On June 7, he made a speech honoring Cheri Rezak and those who volunteered with her to assist Sri Lankans affected by the December 2004 tsunami.
  2. On June 13, he made a speech honoring the Sigma Chi fraternity on its 150th anniversary.
  3. Also on June 13, he made a speech commending the establishment, in College Point, New York, of the first kindergarten in the United States.
  4. On June 14, he led the pledge of allegiance.
  5. On June 16, he offered an amendment to a proposed United Nations Reform Act (more on this later).
  6. On June 21, he made a speech honoring those who perished in the failed 1980 attempt to liberate U.S. hostages from Tehran. It was his usual speech full of flag-waving rhetoric, but this one passage caught my eye:

    Madam Speaker, a fitting tribute to the men of Operation Eagle Claw is to learn from their experience and apply these lessons to the challenges facing our men and women in uniform today. Some of those have been discussed by my colleagues here on the floor: the creation of the United States Special Operations Command, the joint effort, new technology that is being developed and employed and tested sometimes in battle today.

    We must bear in mind the importance of continuing to provide our troops with the resources they need to succeed in a mission and not launch them out with equipment simply unsuited for the job.

    It's interesting that Kline makes this perfectly valid point, yet has never said a word in the Congressional Record about the fact that we sent troops to Iraq with woefully inadequate body armor.
  7. On June 24, Kline spoke in opposition to an amendment in an education bill (more on that later).
That is all.


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